Modification #2 – Adding a picatinny rail

The M22 comes with an optics rail which is the older type referred to as 3/8″ (or 11mm).

Stock M22 rail 3/8

Stock M22 rail 3/8″

In an earlier review on the M22, it was mentioned that an optional picatinny rail might be available from Armscor.

Armscor M22 review

“The M22 comes standard with an accessory rail bolted atop its receiver to accept various scopes and optics. Picatinny rails can also be had as an option, instead of the more basic rails found in initial production guns. We are told that the Picatinny rail format may be made standard in future guns, because of its popularity and compatibility with most of today’s optical devices.”

I called the Armscor factory and was told by a woman in their marketing or sales department that there was no picatinny rail available from them as an option. My guess is that it will be low priority for them since the M22 is bogged down in a trademark dispute, and can’t be sold in the US, which is the biggest market.

There are several aftermarket rails available for the Ruger 10/22, but the problem is that ordering online from abroad is a difficult proposition as it is likely that the item will be held by customs if they recognize it as a gun accessory. Customs will ask you to get an import permit from the PNP before releasing the item.

Luckily for me, I was able to find a UTG brand rail designed for the Ruger on OLX, from a vendor in Butuan.  I deposited P1,000 + P185 (shipping) in the vendor’s account and received the item a day later.

UTG rail

UTG rail

Rails side by side with original rail screws.

Rails side by side with original rail screws.

It looked like it would fit, but the screws supplied with the UTG seemed to have a different thread, and I had read reviews on Amazon that people had messed up their Rugers because the wrong type of screw was supplied.

Check the screws before fitting them. The set screw came off the M22 where it was used as a plug. This has the correct thread.

Check the screws before fitting them. The set screw came off the M22 where it was used as a plug. This has the correct thread. The upper screw is from the UTG rail and has a different thread. The lower screw came with the M22 and it matches the set screw.

Having sorted out which screws to use, I carefully put the UTG screws back in their package and proceeded with the rail installation.

Set screws to be removed.

Set screws to be removed.

Armscor screws tested for fit.

Armscor screws tested for fit.

UTG rail fits

UTG rail fits

I used low strength threadlocker, equivalent to Loctite Blue. Just a small drop on the body of the thread, not the end. Insert the screws with the threadlock. I started with the two end screws inserted halfway before inserting the last two screws. Tighten them down in the same order, but do not overtighten. I then turned the gun upside down (to avoid any stray thread lock dripping into the action) and left it to dry for an hour.

Interestingly enough, the UTG rail lets me see the stock iron sights through the center channel of the rail, something some Ruger 10/22 users cannot do with their iron sights (according to the Amazon reviews).

So now I have to decide on what optics to put.

2 thoughts on “Modification #2 – Adding a picatinny rail

  1. bought a picatinny rail from Armscor store in Marikina but
    they did not have stock of the proper size allen screw. I measured the diameter of the screws used to plug the holes as 1.5mm and i measured that the desired length as 6mm.
    Please correct me if Iam wrong.
    also please inform me if the thread is imperial or metric.
    Can you refer me where i can buy them?


    1. Hi, thanks for your question. If this is for the Armscor M22C, there should have been an 11mm optics rail (Weaver style). Use the screws from that rail to install your picatinny. Check the screw fits by gently turning it. Never force it.


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