How this came to be…..

Had to go through the whole re-licensing thing earlier this year. Multiple trips to Crame, hoards of documents from the police, the courts, the NBI, the drug test and Neuro Psychiatric… blah blah blah. If you already had to go through it, you know what I am talking about.

So I went to the

Defense & Sporting Arms Show .

I wanted to ask the PNP guys if I could pay the fees and was told to go to Crame.

So I walked around accompanied by my grumpy little boy who doesn’t like guns.

I’ve been looking at a Ruger 10/22 takedown in stainless and synthetic at the Twin Pines shop in Makati Square. A quick check at the Twin Pines show booth and the “show price” for the Ruger 10/22 TD wasn’t very interesting (less 10%? gimme a break). The BX-25 magazine was offered at a 15% discount so I ended up buying that, because I was really planning on buying a Ruger 10/22 at some point.

Walked around some more and saw the M22 at the Armscor booth. The booth personnel were less than knowledgeable about it, although it was mentioned that it was “parang Ruger”. The list price was 13,600!!!!

Went home because the little tyrant was really bored, and looked around the internet for more info about the Armscor 22.

The most interesting bit is that they are getting sued by Ruger. It’s too much of a clone. I gather the suit is a Trademark dispute rather than over a patent (the 10/22 first came out 1964 so any patent would have expired).

Ruger sues Armscor

I also found a review from a local writer, Miguel C. Gil, who said that an Armscor staffer said that “the action of the M22 is an exact copy of the 10/22’s” . You can read the article here:

M22 review

Umm, food for thought…..

So the next day, I go over to the Armscor range in Makati Square where they also sell Armscor products. The duty girl offers me the Defence and Sporting Arms show price for an M22 which is 20% off the list price of 13,600 so a net price of 10,800 for the gun plus processing fees.

This is probably the lowest price you are going to find in the Philippines, unless you buy second hand. But to put it in perspective, they were being offered in the US for $160 (so about 7,200 pesos) before the lawsuit.

So the plan changes… get the Armscor M22 and see if aftermarket bits for the 10/22 will fit….

More to come

Comes with a 10 round Butler Creek magazine

Comes with a 10 round Butler Creek magazine

One thought on “How this came to be…..

  1. Thanks for the blog. It is very informative and useful. Please post more m22 tweaking for more ideas on how to tweak our own RIA m22 carbine. More power!


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